First Gen College Student Summit



Unpacking the Intersections: Navigating Power, Privilege, and Pride

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We recommend cohorts of up to 6 students and 2 non-student allies. Please click on the above link to register yourself or your group.

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We’re accepting proposals for workshops, panels and round table discussions that center student perspectives until March 1st.

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2016-17 Planning Committee

Vivianna Alvarez, Hampshire College, Admissions Counselor
Yasmine Batiz, Catholic University ’17
Roshonda DeGraffenreid, Mount Holyoke College Assistant Director and Pre-Law Advisor
Fredy Javier Rodriguez Diaz, Salem State University ’18
Casey Jo Dufresne, Bridgewater State University, Grad Student”
Guadalupe Garcia Rodriguez, Tufts University, ’19
Sean Harland McPherson, Bridgewater State University, Asst. Professor
Ferentz Lafargue, Catholic University, Director of Center for Cultural Engagement
Lynda Lopez, U Chicago ’14
Lisa Lozano, Class Action & MIT ’17
Robert Mack, Tufts University, Associate Dean for Student Success and Advising
Adj Marshall, Class Action
Susana Martinez, Salem State University ’17
Muna Mohamed, Class Action & Tufts University ’19
Anne Phillips, Class Action
Stephanie Pinedo, Smith College ’18
Bradley Riley, UMass Amherst University Without Walls ’18
Lupita Rodriguez, Tufts University ’19
Ana Rodriguez, Rutgers, TRiO SSS Developmental Specialist
Caty Seger, Smith College ’19
Rebecca Van Pamel, Williams College ’19
Jacqueline Villatoro, Catholic University ’19


Since 2004, Class Action has worked with first generation students to ease their transition to college. Through consultations and workshops on and within many campuses throughout the northeastern region of the United States, Class Action has offered first gen students access to the materials, tools and networking opportunities necessary to thrive in a college environment. Class Action also works with campus administrations to identify obstacles to first gen and low-income students.

In 2012, a graduate student at Brown University, took on organizing Class Action’s inaugural First Generation College Student Summit. The First Gen Student Summit serves as a site for the ‘meeting of the minds.’ First gen students and their allies come together to identify problems, discuss grassroots solutions and share what’s working on other campuses. First and foremost, we want to find solutions identified by students who can work with their staff, administrator and faculty allies. Class Action offers spaces where students can both identify these problems and build grassroots solutions to them.

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