Reader Feedback on Classism Exposed

More than 100 people responded to the summer 2017 Classism Exposed 5-Minute Survey. The responses were as diverse as the people who responded, as evidenced by the demographic information collected. However, there were clear preferences for the length of blog posts, blog topics and for how often readers want to receive the Classism Exposed blog eBlast. It is important to note, as you read the survey results, that the 100 respondents are a small microcosm of the more than 6,000 subscribers who receive the blog monthly or semimonthly. Classism Exposed Topics We asked readers about topics ranging from class privilege (including the invisibility... Read More

Is Elvis-Hating Classist?

So much depends on whether you are looking up at Elvis from the working poor or working-class or down at him from the middle- and upper-class. When you look at photos of Elvis fans at his funeral or Graceland, they don’t usually look well-off. Their haircuts, clothes, whole demeanor suggest they came from the same class Elvis did, the poor class. I come from a family of many Elvis fans, and, mostly I’m a fan myself. Just stating that makes me feel uneasy in my stomach. I feel myself going over a line that separates dumb hillbillies, rednecks, rubes and... Read More

First-Generation Resistance in College

Being a first generation college or graduate student is already a difficult identity to navigate at a university, but even more difficult is attempting to challenge the dominate narratives and curriculum which may lack multiple perspectives, culture awareness and/or critical analysis. As I started to voice my opinions and question the curriculum, I saw that resistance to university programs that perpetuate classist and racist behavior could look like I was taking my great educational opportunity for granted. Resistance is an act of change, not aimless aggravation, when it comes to access and transformation in higher education for low-,income and first... Read More

What Happens When Degrees Aren’t Enough?

  Being a first generation college student often feels like being perpetually caught between two or more worlds. Many of us learn that we must weave ourselves seamlessly through poverty, familial commitments, academic demands and more in order to be successful. But what happens when code-switching and your degree don’t seem to be enough? A month ago, I graduated with my master’s degree. My last semester was spent looking for jobs, networking and meeting with people from my school’s career services center – all in an effort to prepare me for “the real world.” Unfortunately, time and time again I... Read More

Vulnerability Is Courage: A First Gen Student Journey

Feeling Vulnerable as a First Gen As a first generation student, I felt vulnerable, and I didn’t want anyone to know it. So I didn’t ask for help, and I failed out of Syracuse University after a year and a half. My next attempt was at Central Connecticut State University, where I was a walk on for the Division 1 Swim Team. I had learned to work harder, and I knew to ask for help, but the latter backfired on me. There was one particular class that I struggled in, so I decided to ask the professor for help. His... Read More

Trump’s War on the Poor, Working-Class and …

When explaining why his cabinet is filled with billionaires, President Donald Trump uttered what might just earn him Class Action’s 2017 Most Classist Comment of the Year Award. Mr. Trump said, “Somebody said why did you appoint a rich person to be in charge of the economy? No, it’s true. And … I said: ‘Because that’s the kind of thinking we want.’ “And I love all people, rich or poor. But in those particular positions, I just don’t want a poor person. Does that make sense?” This makes perfect sense – if you assign value to people based on their... Read More

Trump’s Presidency: What We Deserve

Type “Trump voters deserve” into your search bar, and the two suggestions that pop up are “Trump voters deserve what they get” and “Trump voters deserve to lose healthcare.” To me, and I’d guess probably to you, this logic is completely unsurprising. In the Northeastern city where I live, we hear it every day – in casual conversations and bad jokes and rage-fueled op-ed pieces. Earlier this month, a Huffington Post contributor titled his analysis of Trump’s likelihood to get us all killed in a nuclear war, “Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do.” The site took down... Read More

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