Mother Jones in Philadelphia – 1903 and 2016?

I first met Cheri Honkala a couple of years ago at a Philadelphia protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline. Not knowing what she looked like, I had locked arms with her and two or three others trying to block an entrance to the Federal building. We managed to keep the door closed despite the first powerful push from Federal police on the inside. It was then that I turned to the woman next to me and asked if she had been arrested before. When she said “hundreds of times” and I learned her name was Cheri, I blurted out, “Oh,... Read More

When Skinny Isn’t So Cute

Growing up as the daughter of a farm worker, we often had dinners of biscuits and milk gravy. I always thought I was having a great meal! While we did grow a lot of vegetables and canned as many as possible, we often ran out before the next season. Sometime there would be a little piece of meat to flavor the gravy or, if not, saved bacon grease. Usually the only meat we had was pork that we saved through salting it down and hanging it in a little shed to last for the year. The only time we had... Read More

All Bodies Are Beach Bodies

Each year, as the chill of winter is thrown off by the warmth of spring and summer, we are inundated with advertisements on television or magazines, along with conversations in school or at work, all asking the same question: Do you have a beach body? The beach body is largely conceived of as a body that is thin or muscular and ready to be shown off publicly in the summer sun. As summer rolls around, so do our insecurities with our bodies. The more we see advertisements for diets, exercise programs and slimming shapewear, the more we are left to... Read More

Brexit:  Race and Class 

I had very mixed emotions about the Brexit vote. Having watched the manner in which the European Union strangled Greece, I have not been very sanguine about the EU as a project. The guiding vision of the EU is neo-liberal globalization. And it is determined to impose this on the continent. At the same time, there was something very unsettling about the campaign leading up to the vote and its actual result. Globalization and Changing Living Standards The vote was clearly an expression of antipathy to neo-liberal globalization. This took the form of targeting the EU as the perpetrator of... Read More

Brexit – A Class Issue

Two weeks on, a lot of progressive people in Britain are still in deep shock or fury or despair – or alternating rapidly between all three emotional states. A full 51.9% of British people voted to Leave the European Union (Brexit), and 48.1% voted to Remain in the EU. It was 17.4 million votes to 16.1 million. The rush of events since the vote has been stunning, almost overwhelming. The day after the EU referendum result was announced, there was a small demonstration in the English town of Hastings, where I live. People at the rally didn’t just stick to austerity and... Read More

Juneteenth: Winner Take All

A January 2016 survey by revealed that the majority of white Americans view African Americans as takers vs. givers by a significant margin, 50% to 16% – with 34% unsure. Conversely, 45% of African Americans see themselves as givers. But it is troubling that 19% see themselves as takers, and a whopping 36% are unsure. The same survey found that the majority of white Americans at 62% say that your class has a bigger impact on your life in America than your race. Most African Americans disagree, with 67% believing that race is profoundly more important than class. So... Read More

Juneteenth and a Dream Deferred

Largely unknown to the overall U.S. population, Juneteenth is the most popular annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States and celebrated each year on June 19th throughout the country. June 19, 1865, is the date that Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger established the Union Army’s authority over the territory of Texas. It was the date also when he issued an order that freed the 250,000 enslaved men, women and children in what would become the Lone Star State. The enslaved people learned from Granger’s announcement that they were liberated, and their relationship with their masters at that point and moving forward was as “employer and... Read More

No Interest in Sharing the Wealth?

As a young person with inherited wealth who is public about my identity, sometimes my friends will ask me for a gift or for a loan. I don’t always say yes, but when I do lend money, I don’t charge interest. This comic makes a case for people with more than enough financial wealth to lend money without charging interest. It opens lots of questions and provides some possible answers. I’m still collecting ideas and frameworks and facts and feelings about making 0% interest loans and am open to dialogue, please email me.
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